Website And Blog Design Features

All of OnePurpleDeer’s features are specifically selected to help your website have the most functionality and ease as possible; without taking away from the graphic appeal of the design. From our beautiful front-end site designs, to the easy to use no hassle back-end editing and content management tools, our features help your website to stand out from the rest.

  • Content Management Tools

  • Custom Website/Blog Design

  • Use Drag And Drop Editing

  • No Coding Required

  • Get Easy Back-end Editing

  • OPD can help develop your website or blog into a phenomenal web presence.

A Few Of  Web Design Features


Photo Gallery Tool

Photo gallery for your website.  Assign certain users to be able to view certain photo albums you create. Display titles and captions.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your social media directly to your site.

Video Streaming Tool

Allow visitors to view video on your site. Add your video or link to your YouTube channel.

Bible Search Tool

Offer Bible Search tool.


Offer podcast feeds to your visitors.

Editing Tools

The latest section editing tools and text editing similar to Word. This tool makes it easy to keep your site’s content fresh. And you can assign/authorize who you would like to have editing privileges..

Online Donations

Receive donations, track donors and send customized thank you messages with the donation tool.

Prayer Wall Tool

Manage, Edit, Reply to your prayer requests. Users can post their prayer request directly from your site and you have the power to decide who sees them and which if any appear on your site.



Sermon Tool

Upload sermons to your website, where they can be searched, listened to, and downloaded

3 party tools

OPD offers third party tools integration. This means if you already have a plugin that you need to be incorporated into your new design we can do that for you.

Stastitics Tools

Track the amount of visitors to your site, where they are coming to your site from, and what areas of your site are most popular with your visitors.

Calendar Tool

Publishing, user control, managing, and sharing events, has never been easier than with this calendar tool.

Audio Streaming Tool

Your visitors can listen to your sermons, how-to’s, lessons, commentary, music, discussion. Manage and add your audio with this tool.

Event Registrations w/ Online Payments

Manage events with an online and manual registration. Accept online payments from PayPal, Google Pay, Monster Pay, or

Image Editing Tools

Upload, re-size, crop, rotate, flip and re-save images right inside the admin area of your site.

Form Making Tools

This tool is a wonderfully easy to design all the forms you’ll ever need.

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