What Does Onepurpledeer do?

We do website, blog, print, graphic, branding, and marketing design. My services are provided on a “set your own price” pricing system.

OPD offers an array of

design services

Our purpose is to offer quality, beautifully designed services that can help you promote your church, ministry, event, or organization within the budget that you’ve provided.

Getting affordable design services doesn't have to look cheap.

Set your own price - no hidden costs - no hidden fees - just an opportunityto get the services you need at a price you can afford.


Affordable, custom websites, blogs, print, branding And marketing design. Custom website design & development. All work in-house by one dedicated designer. Shelle’s stunning designs takes your project from concept to phenomenal.


Responsive – Elegant – Professional – Stunning – Design Work

The types of individuals that can benefit from OPD’s special pricing

Architectural firms
Art Galleries
Automotive Businesses
Christian Organizations
Christian Speakers

What OPD can do for you Offers


Customized Layouts

No cookie cutter layouts here. OnPurpleDeer designs websites that fits your churches, business, or ministries personality. Each website is designed to get the wow factor when visitors visit your site. Customized graphics, colors, and themes to make your site stand out.

We also offer Domain & Hosting Services –Whether you need a home for your website, need to transfer, get streaming services, or need to add features and upgrade your current site I’m here to help.

. Offers

Branding DESIGN

Branding is how you tell the world who your are. Creating a professional, recognizable brand is how you not only stand out but are recognized by others

Churches, Ministries, Non-Profits, Events, Speakers, and Organization all benefit from branding. Offers


Printing Design is not something most churches, organization or ministries think about when they think about design services But well planned, dynamically design print services is how you distinguish yourself from everyone else

Church Programs/Bulletins, Souvenir Books, Promo/Informational kits, presentations and more Offers


OPD’s Blog Design Service is unique in that we can design a fully customizable blog that you control or we can do all the heavy lifting for you. If you want  powerful user friendly blog design OPD is the design company for you. Offers

Marketing DESIGN

Marketing Design often overlaps with Print and Branding design. Consistency throughout all platforms whether branding, online, print, or advertising is essential in creating an overall image entity.

Info About OnePurpleDeer:

OnePurpleDeer is a Christian owned and operated business.  From being to end one on one personal client care enables OPD to customize it's services to your needs. Learn more about us

OnePurpleDeer's Hours:


Sales Information:   Mon - Fri,  9 am - 06:30pm

Tech Support:   Mon-Sat,  9 am - 11:30pm