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It may take a few moments to complete this inquiry form for your project. Remember: There’s no need to rush through answering questions the more accurate the answers the easier it will be for OPD to get an idea of what your project needs are. This is a very detailed form to help (OPD) to get a very clear idea of what you are requesting so OPD may give you the best service and best quality product that it can. This form is broken into the following 6 areas:

6 Areas of Focus

  1. General information And Budget (contact info, details about your business, how much you have to work with, etc.)
  2. Service Information (i.e. tell me what I can help you with)
  3. Your Branding Insight (I’ll ask questions that help an idea of what separates you from the rest, etc.)
  4. Design Preferences ( I’ll ask what you like, don’t like, what I need to know, etc.)
  5. Content Relevant (This is where I ask questions that tell me what you have or don’t have for the project)
  6. Other Information ( This is when I ask about timelines, and you get to tell me any other info I may need for the project. (OPD) Reserves the right to reject any project request for any reason at its own discretion with no notice to the applicant.

Thank you so much for considering (OPD) for your project. God Bless

Project Request Form

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OnePurpleDeer is a Christian owned and operated business.  From being to end one on one personal client care enables OPD to customize it's services to your needs. Learn more about us

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