About OPD's Pricing

Set your price and OPD will develop a proposal around your budget needs

Set Your Price

Set Your Price!

Set Your Price in a nutshell is you telling me what your church, ministry, business, organization, individual, or non-profit can pay for the services you require. Really, there is no catch, no bait and switch, no hidden costs.  I will look at what your services  needs are and if I think I can do what you need for the price you want to spend I will contact you and let you know via email with a project proposal.

Everything you need to know is communicated to you before you ever send a penny. I WILL NOT TRY TO UPSALE you. If I can’t do want you want for the price you want to spend I simply say I can’t. You decide if you want to submit a new proposal or find someone else.

Why this unique type of pricing?

I have a women’s and youth ministry and I learned many years ago how expensive it can be to get quality on a shoestring budget.

But God is good. God gave me the ability to learn the skill to do quality print, web, and marketing design services for my own ministry.

Because of this huge blessing I wanted to find a way to help others who were in the same boat I was in. I wanted to offer my services to others that wanted quality but didn’t have thousands of dollars. This is the reason for my special pricing.

My desire is that others who have the calling to serve are able to grow their churches, ministries, nonprofits, small businesses, and organizations and get the quality design work they need at a price they can afford.

To start your proposal simply click the “submit your project” button.

You Should Know

Please note: 

There is  NO OBLIGATION TO USE OPD FOR YOUR PROJECT nor are you required to make any payment or fee at the time that you submit your  Project Request Form. Before a payment can be accepted two things need to happen

  1. OPD must accept your project request (if I do, I will contact you via email l)


  1. You must accept and sign The Project Proposal before any work may begin. Nothing is needed unless you accept OPD’s project proposal for your project. All proposals are based on the amount of the budget that you have set.

Once OPD receives the Project Request Form I review it and pray over it. Please understand that due to the unique form of pricing it may take up to 10 business days for me to review your Project Request Form as I do get quite a few requests.

OPD considers all budget amounts, so please don’t be concerned about how much you may have to work with. I am trusting God to place on your heart what is a fair budget according to your resources.

OPD’s decision to accept your project is not based on the size of your budget but on the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Info About OnePurpleDeer:

OnePurpleDeer is a Christian owned and operated business.  From being to end one on one personal client care enables OPD to customize it's services to your needs. Learn more about us

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