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What makes us different? The Holy Spirit woven throughout every aspect of our business.

A Letter From Our CEO:

I started doing websites out of necessity. I had a ministry who needed print design and a web presence way back in the 90’s and I didn’t have thousands of $$$ to pay for the service. I prayed and began the site on angelfire.com.

God in His mercy’s enabled my skills to grow by leaps and bounds. I started out doing special requests for friends and then doing work for friends of friends. Eventually I came up with the great idea to use the skills that God gave me to make extra money to pay bills. But God kept calling me for more.

It started with a tugging at the heart strings. For about 3 years God kept calling but because of fear I was reluctant to answer the call.

My fear came from the need for me to meet my financial obligations both in business and in my personal life. I feared that by having a company that runs off donations I would not be able to meet my responsibilities.

In 2013 I decided to submit to the Holy Spirit’s prompting and step out on faith. This has truly been the most difficult thing that I ever done. The fear and uncertainty was almost overwhelming. To add to the fear and uncertainty my husband lost his job 8 days prior to the launch of the new donation pricing.

My flesh wanted to put the new donation pricing on hold for another few years or at least until my hubby went back to work. But God through the Holy Spirit reminded me of the biblical history of David (2 Samuel 24).

It made me realize the importance of recognizing that FAITH comes from believing not seeing. Even in business God is still God and is creator and controller of all. I finally accepted that if God has truly called me to have a business based on donations I must believe that He will take care of my responsibilities.

It is my prayer and hope that OnePurpleDeer.com can be a blessing to you as God has been a blessing to me and as a result you can be a blessing to others through whatever gifts and talents that the Holy Spirit has blessed you with.

May God provide the increase.

Yours In Christ Jesus

Shelle Frelo

CEO- OnePurpleDeer.com & Designer

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OnePurpleDeer is a Christian owned and operated business.  From being to end one on one personal client care enables OPD to customize its services to your needs. Learn more about us

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